What we want

Europe’s citizens are its biggest strength and the key to change the current political impasse on migration. We are coming together to launch a European-wide campaign in order to put pressure on politicians, in particular as part of the 2019 European Parliament elections, and put forth our demands.

We want the European Commission to directly support local groups that are willing to welcome and integrate refugees because we should have the chance to sponsor refugees.

We want the European Commission to stop those governments that are punishing volunteers because no one should be prosecuted for offering humanitarian help and shelter.

We want the European Commission to guarantee more effective ways to defend victims of exploitation, crime and human rights abuses in our countries and at the borders because everyone in Europe – whatever their status – has the right to seek justice.

To achieve change, a visible and impactful direct democracy tool is at our disposal: THE EUROPEAN CITIZENS INITIATIVE (ECI)

This mechanism, created by the Lisbon Treaty, allows civil society organisations and European citizens to get together to put forth their political claims. For the European Commission and the European Parliament to be obliged to consider and hear these claims, we have to get 1 MILLION signatures across at least 7 MEMBER STATES within 12 MONTHS.  

Together, let’s be a WELCOMING Europe!

Why it matters?

Governments are struggling to handle migration.

They are justifying their restrictive policies by saying public opinion is opposed to welcome and support migrants and refugees. But we are already millions across the EU, in villages and cities, from all walks of life, to express our solidarity towards migrants and refugees. And many more citizens, whenever they are given the chance, are willing to welcome and support migrants and refugees.

It is our choice as European citizens to welcome refugees and migrants and give them a chance for a brighter future.

NO refugee should have to risk their life and drown at our borders to flee war and seek protection.

NO irregular migrant should be left in the cold, without food and hygiene items, deprived from humanitarian support, because volunteers are being criminalized.

NO human rights violation, abuse or situation of exploitation experienced by migrants and refugees in our countries or at the borders should remain unpunished.

Now we want things TO CHANGE!

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